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Nestled in the enchanting woods near Cabins at Hickory Ridge, an adventure-filled wonderland awaits families, couples, and solo explorers alike. Imagine waking up to the songs of birds, stepping outside your cabin, and being greeted by a world of activities right at your doorstep. All of our cabins boast access to eight on-site trails, as seen on the map below.

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Local Events

For those looking to immerse themselves in the cinematic beauty of nature, the nearby state parks and nature preserves offer a backstage pass. Picture trekking through the majestic Ash Cave, marveling at the cascading Cedar Falls, or playing hide and seek with the shadows in the mysterious Rock House. And if you’re a fan of the stars, both the celestial and the creepy-crawly kind, the night sky and local wildlife won’t disappoint! View a list of local hiking trails here.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Embrace your inner child with a playful round of miniature golf, or enjoy the beauty of the trails on horseback. You’ll find a full list of local activities and attractions here. And for a dash of local color, why not partake in a festival? From the sweet syrup of the Maple Sugaring in the Hills event to the quirky delights of the Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival, every moment is packed with potential for creating unforgettable memories.

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All The Magic

Get ready to embark on an adventure! Put on your exploration hat and head to the ODNR website to discover exciting events and essential information. Let the enchantment of the forest lead you on an unforgettable journey, where each day beckons you to indulge in play, delve into exploration, and rediscover your love for the great outdoors.

Adventure, Festivals, and Unforgettable Memories

Immerse yourself in cinematic nature at nearby state parks like Ash Cave and Cedar Falls. Enjoy hiking, stargazing, and wildlife. Explore local activities such as miniature golf and horseback riding. Attend unique festivals like Maple Sugaring in the Hills and the Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival. Create unforgettable memories with the full range of experiences.

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